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3D Rendering

We build the artificial image with the same technique and passion
we have for photography.

Whether it’s architectural rendering, 3D modeling or product rendering,
our team is capable of creating strong visual impact images
perfectly comparable to a real picture.

Can you spot the differences?

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Video eventshttp://en.mhpmedia.it/main/company/services/corporate-video/video-events

Video events

Professional high-quality videos,
to document meetings, exhibitions and open houses.
We also produce video presentations to be displayed during your events.

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Technical video-manualshttp://en.mhpmedia.it/main/company/services/corporate-video/technical-video-manuals

Technical video-manuals

Emotions and sensations are often not enough.
When a didactic tool is necessary in order to use a product, 
system or technology, then a technical video with text,
ecco che un video tecnico con testi e speaker in lingua, grafiche,
speakers and graphics, that is also accessible from mobile devices, 
may represent the optimal solution. 

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Corporate videoshttp://en.mhpmedia.it/main/company/services/corporate-video/corporate-videos

Corporate videos

Introduce the brand, team or department in the best possible way by engaging clients and visitors.
We produce corporate videos that are perfect for describing the history,
goals and values of your company.

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Product videohttp://en.mhpmedia.it/main/company/services/corporate-video/product-video

Product Video

Tell the story of your product.
To excite, to display references or applications,
to illustrate its characteristics.

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Corporate videohttp://en.mhpmedia.it/main/company/services/corporate-video

Corporate video

Your product's or your company's story in a YouTube video,
or shared in a social network.

Whether it be an emotional, technical, or institutional video,
we place all our experience in image and communication
in the production of corporate videos.

See some examples of videos we have produced:

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iCatalogue 3.x

Use a single platform to manage all sales channels:

  • sites and other web applications with the new API
  • automatic pagination of your catalogs with Pager
  • your marketing strategies with modules MyApp and GoPublic
  • your sales force with the modules and toshow OnSales
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Web Marketinghttp://en.mhpmedia.it/digital-contents

Web Marketing

Communicating online is necessary if you want to achieve

your business goals.

In order to do this effectively you need: proper positioning strategy, quality content, and the right dose of creativity.

MHP media offers you a versatile and comprehensive mix, with constantly up-to-date expertise both in the video-imaging field and in its offer of innovative web marketing tools.

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For the Agroindustrial sectorhttp://en.mhpmedia.it/main/company/services/images-at-360/for-the-agroindustrial-sector

Your product from every angle

Across all digital channels, the effectiveness of the product presentation

determines the customers purchasing choice.

Compared to traditional presentations, 360-degree images

increase the possibilities of conversion.

Scroll down the page and discover some of the strengths of this type of presentation.

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Images at 360°http://en.mhpmedia.it/360-degree-photography

Images at 360°

Is simple photography not enough to present your product?
Now you can have a global vision of an object… as if it were real.

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